The Peacemakers Reviews

JanjaweedThe Peacemakers is one of the best novels written by Richard Herman, ex-major of the US Air Force. The novel talks about the situation between the Janjaweed tribe (which is basically a military militia operating in Darfur, western Sudan and eastern Chad) and the defenseless tribes of Dinka and Nuer, in which the first wants to defeat and conquer the seconds in order to gain access to their oil reserves.

The novel has always has positive critics and reviews. Bud on says that “the story flows, thanks also to Herman’s knowledge of the air force, which is obvious due to his military past”.

Iain suggest this novel to all of those loves military flying and international politics. He says it’s a very well written novel, easy and pleasant to read.

Joel says he consider Mr. Herman at the same level of Tom Clancy. Herman’ stories are well written, full of details thanks to his military career as an Air Force pilot.

Grumpy Pundit says “the novel is exciting and authentic. The two main level of conflict, the one against the enemy and the other against a stupid command structure, is one of his favourite part”.

Steve says “Herman has reached a standard and a quality higher than other his books”.

At the end we can say, without any doubt, that “The Peacemakers” is one of the best novels written by Mr. Herman . Who will love this book? If you like war movies and books, spiced with politician intrigue, this novel is the right one for you.