Best books by Richard Herman

Warbirds-Richard-HermanRichard Herman is an ex-major of the US Air Force. After his retirement, in 1983, he starts to write war novels which has always been liked by lovers of the genre.

Among his best works, we can have “The Warbirds“, a novel about the saga of the F-4 Phantom and of the men who helped to made it a legend. Those men are always on the edge, as their country can always ask them to jump into their F-4 Phantom and go straight info the eye of the firestorm to face a strong enemy, without question and without any support.

After this bestseller, Mr. Herman wrote others great novels, such as “Force of Eagles“, in which 300 men of 45th Tactical Fighter Wing have been captured by Communist armies in the post-Ayatollah Iran. The book drive the reader throught the tensions about USA and Iran and on the plan of the first military force in the world to try to rescue their men and women.

The Peacemakers” is one of the greatest novels by Herman. The book talks about Sudan and how the Janjaweed tribes-men wants to defeat and conquer the defenseless tribes of Dinka and Nuer. In order to defend those tribes the U.S. sends six Air Force C-130 Hercules to help the UN peacemakers. When the Janjaweed tribes crash one of those planes, killing all the men inside, on this african land arrive a new commander, who wants to save both Dinka and Nuer tribes. To do so he makes an alliance with a french commander. Unofrtunately, the situations spins out of control and the was which was to save the defenseless tribes soon become a war to save their own lifes.