Richard Herman

The-PeacemakersRichard Herman, who currently lives in Folsom, a city in Sacramento County, California, was a member of the United States Air Force. His military career lasts 21 years, until 1983, when he retired with the rank of major. During is military service, Mr. Herman flew C-130x and F-4s. After his retirement, he become novelist and wrote different books about the worlds he better know: the military and the war.

Also known with his nickname “Dick“, during his active service he served two tours in Southeast Asia and joined more than 240 combat missions. He also has been teacher at the Air Force Academy.

Today Mr. Herman is acclaimed for his novels, including the bestsellers “The Warbirds”, “Power Curve” and “The Peacemakers“. All his novels are very good written and full of details, as he directly knows the world he write about. His novels are known and have been read world-wide, from the USA (including the White House) to the United Kingdom, from Japan to Poland.

What critics say about Herman’s novels? San Francisco Examiner praise Hermans’ books as real geopolitic thrillers. Florida Sun-Times says “all his novels gives suspence to the reader and take him on the book until the last page have been read”. Kirkus Reviews says “Hermans’ books are truly believable both from a politic and a geopolitic point of view”. Publisher’s Weekly says “Hermans’ characterizations are genuine and believable, they help the reader to immerse himself into the story, from the first until the last page”.

Great stories for a great novelist, if you like war movies and books, Hermans’ novels are unmissable.